2016 Kona Cinder Cone | Maple Ridge Cycle

2016 Kona Cinder Cone | Maple Ridge Cycle

A bike you’ll most likely have for the rest of your life. Enjoy the freedom and fun that comes with one of the mountain-bike world’s longest-running models. With a new frame design for 2016, one that takes everything it is thrown in stride: mountains, wilderness and sweet singletrack. The Cinder Cone opens the door to dirt.

Frame Features:

A from-the-ground-up re-think of our hardtail mountain bikes. First, we’re introducing size increments that ensure we hit every type of rider. Now you can get closer to having a custom fit between a size structure (S, M, L, XL) that’s consistent across our entire range of mountain bikes. New aspects of the geometry are related to the ride and handling, with slacker head tubes angles, lower bottom brackets and shorter chainstays. The result is a more capable bike for more challenging terrain, without comprising speed and efficiency when under power.


  • Black/White