Banshee Legend | Maple Ridge Cycle

When designing the Legend, my goal was to make the fastest race bike possible regardless of cost or time it took.

-Keith Scott , Banshee Bikes Engineer

Weight: 8.58lbs [3990grams] large, no shock, verified by Sicklines (203mm) travel- All performance characteristics have been painstakingly and carefully scrutinized to make this a single purpose world cup level race bike.

Tuned virtual pivot design includes an anti-sag component under heavy pedal acceleration, and a minimal amount of tuned-in squat so under hard braking it helps balance the bike as the fork starts to dive thus letting the bike go into corners fairly level.

All CNC’d parts are forged first for optimal strength to weight ratio.

Hydroformed 7005 butted aluminum tubes putting the strength were it needs to be. All hand welded, aligned multiple times between heattreats before assembling, with 100% final quality checks by Jay.

The "canoe" includes hardpoints for shock basement, mainpivot, and seattube pivot creating an incredibly light but very strong and stiff area where the "business" happens

Easy access to all the shock dials for quick changing of settings.

Titanium pivot hardware for strength and lightness.

All top of the line full compliment bearings, don’t just make the suspension "buttery" smooth but more "slippery" smooth.

Lowest center of gravity and low BB height helps cornering stability.- Centralized weight for stability in the air.- We’ve worked with all the major shock manufacturers to ensure our suspension kinematics work perfect with the shocks standard tunes right out of the box. However for maximum performance some shock manufacturers will tune to your weight, terrain, and style of riding and we have provided our suspension rates to most shock manufacturers and can do so for your favorite tuning center if they send us an email.

Internally ribbed seat and chainstays for increased stiffness.

1.5 headtube so you have flexibility in headset cup choices.

12×150 Maxle for quick tire changes.


  • Silver


  • Medium/Large